Existing tool's easy-way toward SEMI EDA standard
‧Comply with SEMI EDA Standards (PR8 proposed standard for equipment data acquisition)
‧Trusted & Robust Connections
‧Real Time Equipment Engineering Data Get meaningful EE data from existing SECS/GEM communications
‧Support for Sensor bus and More tool embedded controller "Black Box" communications
‧Fully Graphical Configuration & Tagging Easily
‧Support up to 16 tools/EQS(TCS) pairs
Fail-over Connections & Features
Failover. The point-to-point nature of SECS, even HSMS means that the main SECS connection is usually occupied by the FAB host. In order for other applications to get access to that information they must "snoop" the SECS connection. TagEasyTM (with hardware) gives you the ability to build these links very easily & simply. More than that, the normal operations will not get interrupted since if any error happens the connection will switch back to existing one within mini-seconds.
Equipment Data.
To fulfill the requirements of SEMI Equipment Engineering System (EES), TagEasyTM on-line parses SECS data in the SECS-II conversation layer. Not only to recognize every SECS-II message and its items, TagEasy can gather the meaning of data from SECS-II conversations and transfer it to EDA format. That is why data sent out from TagEasy TM contains catalogue and measurement value. Then the above equipment engineering applications can perform real-time advanced process control/Advanced Equipment Control & e-Diagnostics according to rich and real time information.
Sensor buses.

TagEasyTM will support Modbus on Ethernet & Device Net to get EES data from tool embedded controller or sensors directly to make fast sensor data acquisition. Direct input & output interface are also available to connect sensor directly.

Flexible & Easy Configuration.

TagEasyTM includes a configuration tool, TagEasyTM Manager. Using it, users can centralized configure plant-wide equipments, that can be GEM or non-GEM.

Ordering Information

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Note (1) : The direct I/O support max. 96 Analog Input & 384 Discrete Input. The configuration needs to be defined before quote.
Product Description
TagEasyTM is part of the AutoFABTM product suite that provides solutions for FAB Equipment Engineering System (EES).
A lot of products have the ability to provide the basic communication protocols, i.e., SECSI and HSMS, but this is not enough & far away from SEMI EDA standard to get benefits from EES application.
TagEasyTM provides the gateway from traditional SECS/GEM communication protocol to SEMI EDA standards & it's easy to configure.Existing standards such as SECS/GEM, while still required, need to be coupled with new technologies and solutions that meet the challenges of increasing wafer size and decreasing geometries.
TagEasy is to offer the required solutions that feature trusted, flexible, one-to-many, and efficient tool-level real-time link to EES.
There are two options to get data sent from TagEasyTM. One is to use IBM MQseries. MQseries is a famous message oriented middleware. The other one is to use SOAP.
We use a pair to indicate the communication between an EQS(TCS) and tool (or tools). An EQS(TCS) can manipulate several equipments if they are clustered. One TagEasyTM can support 16 pairs.
TagEasyTM Specifications
Operating System
Disk Space
P3-450 or faster
Linux RedHat 7.3
512 M bytes recommended
10 G bytes
Licenses are issued on a per CPU basis.
TagEasyTM Manager is developed in Java. It can run on either Windows or Linux platform.
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